Three Reasons why it’s important to listen during Film and Media Classes

          Welcome to the 3 reasons why it is important to listen during Film and Media. This is not related to my blog on Fortnite news. If you are looking for it. It is at .You will find the rest at the link.

One big reason why you should listen and pay attention during your Film and Media Class is that the teacher could be giving a big announcement on a new assignment while your talking to your neighbor. At the end of class, you will most likely have asked someone what happened and been told, ” That’s why you have you have to pay attention”

Another reason is you could be talking while the teacher is looking at you and asks you to come to him/her during lunch or after class. They will most likely give you a lecture on why you are not supposed to talk. If you are not a adult, you probably want to avoid talking to the teachers. The teacher could call home and you get in trouble. You should just keep quiet.

The Last reason on why you should pay attention is lets say you are on your laptop playing a game.  The teacher is giving the most important lesson in the entire year. You are just goofing off with your friends playing. Then all of a sudden, the teacher asks you to do a test. You didn’t listen to him. So, you write nothing. You end up getting a F. At least multitask between playing and catching up with the lesson.

Those 3 paragraphs are my opinions on why you should always pay attention during class. I hope you use my words very wisely. Good Luck with Life!

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Fortnite V 5.4.0

supressed assault rifle

As of September 11, 2018, Fortnite has released a Suppressed Assault Rifle. It has the same clip size as a normal assault rifle. It most likely has the best accuracy in the game. It comes in the rarities of Legendary and Epic. The look is also from the counterpart of Battle Royale named Save The World from the weapon named the Nocturno.


Fortnite v.5.40.0




         Today as of September 6, 2018, Fortnite has released the grappler weapon. It has limited ammo and it is epic in rarity. Miss a shot, it will not deplete your ammo. It has also given players amazing mobility to get across the map to get the win. Also, the grappler item is available in all the modes. It could possibly be for a limited time.

The link for the first gameplay is here:

Map Changes

                                With the release of update v.5.30, they have brought a few map changes. One of the biggest map changes of all is Tomato Temple. Tomato Town has had half of it removed including parts of the brick house next to Tomato Town. They have brought back the Tomatohead. But this time, they worshiped him as much as making him a shrine and a temple. They have also finally finished the movie screen at Risky Reels. They have put the blockbuster event winner Enzait’s movie on the screen for a limited time.

tomato temple




Once completed all 10 weeks of challenges, you unlock 10000 XP, and the Week 10 Loading Screen.



Season 6 Teasers

         Around the desert biome, a cube was created by the last purple crack with lightning. The cube is invincible. If you shoot it multiple times, it will attack the closest players. If you go to the top and hit it, it sends you flying. And when your near it, it gives you shield. It’s starting to move everyday. Rumors are that it destroy Salty Springs, as all the totems are facing it, it will reach Loot Lake and turn into a Egyptian Pyramid Location, or it will hit the mountain at the center of the map. And if you get knocked by the cube, it will say, ” Player got too close to”, and then it has a weird changing cube. As of August 28, the cube has made a anti-gravity force field right next to the mountain with a house on top. As of August 31, at 7:30 AM (PST),it has reached D8. It has left a imprint controlling the force field. As of September 6, 2018, the cube has reached west of Retail Row. As of September 10, 2018, the cube has reached Wailing Woods and has deployed a anti-gravity field at Wailing Woods and Retail Row. By September 13, 2018 it has reached Lazy Links.



                New Game Modes

  • Solo
  • Duos
  • Squads
  • Soaring 50s
  • Playground
  • High Stakes LTM Squads


                 Item Shop

only for the whole week

  • Ace
  • Swagbag
  • 600 vBucks | $4.99
  • Wild Card: Diamonds Spades Hearts Clubs
  • Cuff Case
  • Safe Cracker | 2800 vBucks
  • Garrison | 800 vBucks
  • Triage Trooper
  • Field Surgeon
  • Gurney Gear
  • Care Package
  • Airlift
  • Flatliner | 4600 vBucks
  • Week 10 Challenges

Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

Nothing Yet

Leaked Skins and Emotes

  • Synth Star
  • Stage Slayer
  • Keytar
  • Kick Drums
  • Lead Singer | 3200 vBucks
  • Hot Ride | 2000 vbucks


  • Emotes
  • Vivacious | 800 vBucks
  • Battle Call | 200 vBucks
  • My Idol | 200 vBucks
  • Hitchhiker | 500 vBucks

                        Battle Pass Challenges

 Week 9

  • Search 7 jigsaw pieces in basements *5
  • Consume 10 apples or mushrooms *5
  • Get 10 Eliminations *10
  • Search 7 chests at Salty Springs *5
  • Deal 5000 damage to opponents *5
  • Search between a waterfall, a covered bridge, and the ninth green*10
  • 3 stages of eliminations *9

Find a guide for the week 10 challenges at :

Thanks to Omnipie for the guides!